Programme development and management

Set up and manage complex mega projects


Nuclear facilities will invariably have a need to establish and execute major management programmes. This is often a scheduled event (e.g. periodical safety upgrade of nuclear facilities). Sometimes however, management is confronted with extraordinary situations requiring the setup at short notice of a remediation programme (e.g. at the occasion of audits by regulatory authorities). The scheduled final shutdown followed by the dismantling of a nuclear facility is another example of a major change programme, transforming an operating organisation into a project organisation for the final dismantling of the plant.

Since the management team of the organisation is not frequently confronted with such situations, it lacks the experience to set up and execute such programmes. Auxo-Services supports the development and management of such complex mega projects. The integration of Auxo-Services as an external expert offers an added value for reaching success and accepting the challenge.


Management System development and implementation

Manage a nuclear facility or organisation

According to the international nuclear community requirements and good practices a Management System shall be established, implemented, assessed and continually improved by each nuclear organisation and for each nuclear facility. It shall be aligned with the goals of the organization and shall contribute to their achievement. According to IAEA GS-R-3 the main aim of the Management System shall be to achieve and enhance safety by:

  • Bringing together in a coherent manner all the requirements for managing the organization;
  • Describing the planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that all these requirements are satisfied;
  • Ensuring that health, environmental, security, quality and economic requirements are not considered separately from safety requirements, to help preclude their possible negative impact on safety.

Safety shall be paramount within the Management System, overriding all other demands.

Throughout the lifetime of facilities and for the entire duration of activities in normal, transient and emergency situations the management team has to evaluate and adapt its Integrated Management System to stay suitable to reach the modified goals and objectives. For a facility, these phases usually include siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning .

Auxo-Services supports organisations in developing and implementing the Integrated Management System, or in continuously improving the system.


Strategic planning

Evolve your business


Organisations and companies are mainly managing their business on a daily basis, with less attention to the strategic long-term development. The management team should evaluate the ongoing business at regular intervals, and its adequacy to meet the changing client expectations. Stakeholders' expectations are changing as well. The shareholders and management team should pave the future in a structured manner, to make their dreams come through.

Auxo-Services assists shareholders in this process of strategic planning and brings approved methodologies, experience from other businesses, access to networks, a forum to challenge ideas and proposals. Auso-Services helps to improve the quality of the strategic business plan and, in doing so, brings added value to the shareholders.

Rik Vanbrabant





  • bio-engineer
  • nuclear engineering capita selecta



  • general management
  • integrated management systems
  • safety improvement programmes
  • radwaste management
  • management of D&D programmes


Professional experience







SCK-CEN, Belgium (1976-1990)

Research, radiochemistry, environmental engineering, radioactive waste processes development, project management for new installations, management of turn-around change programmes, new business development, operation management of radwaste treatment facilities business unit

Belgoprocess, Belgium (1990-2013)

General management, IMS development and implementation, safety improvement programme management, account management, new business development, strategic planning

SPK, Belgium (1989-2013)

Councelling SME's in general management, and strategic planning

FORATOM (1995-2013)

Integrated management system setup and implementation, chairman of Management System Task Force, member of the Radioactive waste management Task Force

IAEA (1980-2013)

Expert missions (radwaste management, D&D, safety improvement, knowledge management)

Organizing joint IAEA-FORATOM Workshops on IMS


OECD/NEA (2000-2013)

Member of CPD Management Board


ICEM Conference (2000-2013)



WM Conference (1990-2013)

Member of IPAC


IT3 Conference (1990-2013)

Member of IPAC